About Bakholdin in English

Bakholdin_eng-05Denis Bakholdin is a Russian who publicly opposed Russia’s aggression and occupation of part of Ukraine’s territory and criticized the policies of the Russian authorities. He lost his job because of his dissident views, and in 2014 alone was detained ten times during peaceful protests. He was threatened with criminal prosecution under the same draconian anti-protest norm (Article 212.1) used to imprison activist Ildar Dadin for some time. In late 2014, Denis left for Ukraine. In March 2017, he tried to return to Russia to see his mother, but was arrested in the Bryansk region.

24.12.2918 a court in Moscow has sentenced 37-year-old Denis Bakholdin to three and a half years’ imprisonment for allegedly belonging to the legal Ukrainian organization Right Sector while in Ukraine.  The prosecution had claimed that Bakholdin had gone to Ukraine to take part in the war in Donbas “to harm the interests of the Russian Federation”. 14.08.2019 Denis was freed.

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